If you have ever dreaded or feared your trip to the dentist, it may be due to dental anxiety or phobia. Even though many dental procedures are painless or only mildly uncomfortable, many patients feel strong hesitation when it comes to setting a dental appointment. For some, the solution is simple: don’t go to the dentist. The problem with this idea is that dental issues that are not treated promptly worsen the longer they are ignored. What could have been a simple fix may end up requiring a lengthier or more extensive dental procedure in the end.

The Difference Between Dental Anxiety and Phobia

While dental anxiety and dental phobia are similar in many ways, they are slightly different. Those who have dental anxiety may feel uneasy or worried before and during a dental procedure, but most of these patients still manage to make it to their appointments and get the treatment they need. Individuals with dental phobia, however, feel intense, irrational panic when they even think about going to the dentist. Unfortunately, dental phobia is much more severe than anxiety, and patients who suffer from this disorder are at a higher risk of a variety of oral conditions. Some patients develop these fears because of one or more of the following:

  • Not having control over the situation
  • Worries about pain
  • Stress related to being examined
  • Traumatic or negative experiences at the dentist in the past

Dental Anxiety and Phobia Relief

To alleviate anxiety and phobia and encourage patients to seek the care they need, many dentists offer dental sedation. Patients who are nervous or afraid of dental treatments can have a relaxing visit with sedation and may potentially have a less stressful experience during future dental procedures. New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania specialists can obtain optimal  mobile dental sedation with board-certified dental anesthesiologist Dr. Jay Patel. Whether the treatment is scheduled ahead of time or needs immediate attention, Dr. Patel is available to provide office-based anesthesia services and help patients have a more pleasant dental appointment.


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