Obtaining regular oral care is not easy for everyone. Children, those with special needs, and patients who suffer from dental phobias often experience high levels of anxiety at the dentist. This feeling of panic can make the appointment more stressful for the patient and can make it more challenging for the dentist to perform dental work precisely. Sedation dentistry gives dentists the opportunity to complete dental procedures with ease and alleviates patient distress associated with dentistry. Dr. Jay Patel is a board-certified dentist anesthesiologist who is highly trained in delivering mobile, office-based anesthesia for dental patients. With our ambulatory dental sedation services, dentists can concentrate on performing optimal dental care without the stress of simultaneously managing the anesthetic.

orthodontic model and dentist tool


Should you decide to partner with Dental Sedation Services, all of the required equipment will be provided, at your dental practice. We bring all of the necessary equipment that is the most appropriate for your patients’ needs and safety. Because we are trained to work in-office, we understand how to utilize the space efficiently and safely to avoid complications.

Office Visit

We are equipped to work in smaller areas, meaning we can work in various dental office settings effortlessly. However, it is always beneficial to see a dentist’s office to understand the space we have to work with. We also take great care in not disrupting your normal workflow.

BLS Certification

We should have two BLS certified staff members present for all general anesthesia sessions. BLS or basic life support certification teaches comprehensive life-saving skills that can be used for infants, children, and adults.

To utilize our high-quality ambulatory anesthesia services at your dental office, please call Dental Sedation Services at 732.986.3690.